Source code for sharpy.solvers.beamloader

import h5py as h5

from sharpy.utils.solver_interface import solver, BaseSolver
import sharpy.structure.models.beam as beam
import sharpy.utils.settings as settings_utils
import sharpy.utils.h5utils as h5utils
import os

[docs]@solver class BeamLoader(BaseSolver): """ ``BeamLoader`` class solver inherited from ``BaseSolver`` Loads the structural beam solver with the specified user settings. Args: data (ProblemData): class containing the problem information Attributes: settings (dict): contains the specific settings for the solver settings_types (dict): Key value pairs of the accepted types for the settings values settings_default (dict): Dictionary containing the default solver settings, should none be provided. data (ProblemData): class containing the data for the problem fem_file_name (str): name of the ``.fem.h5`` HDF5 file dyn_file_name (str): name of the ``.dyn.h5`` HDF5 file fem_data_dict (dict): key-value pairs of FEM data dyn_data_dict (dict): key-value pairs of data for dynamic problems structure (None): Empty attribute Notes: For further reference on Quaternions see: ` <>`_ See Also: .. py:class:: sharpy.utils.solver_interface.BaseSolver .. py:class:: sharpy.structure.models.beam.Beam """ solver_id = 'BeamLoader' solver_classification = 'loader' settings_types = dict() settings_default = dict() settings_description = dict() settings_types['unsteady'] = 'bool' settings_default['unsteady'] = True settings_description['unsteady'] = 'If ``True`` it will be a dynamic problem and the solver will look for the' \ ' ``.dyn.h5`` file that contains the time varying input to the problem.' settings_types['orientation'] = 'list(float)' settings_default['orientation'] = [1., 0, 0, 0] settings_description['orientation'] = 'Initial attitude of the structure given as the quaternion that parametrises the rotation from G to A frames of reference.' settings_types['for_pos'] = 'list(float)' settings_default['for_pos'] = [0., 0, 0] settings_description['for_pos'] = 'Initial position of the A FoR.' settings_table = settings_utils.SettingsTable() __doc__ += settings_table.generate(settings_types, settings_default, settings_description) def __init__(self): = None self.settings = None self.fem_file_name = '' self.dyn_file_name = '' # storage of file contents self.fem_data_dict = dict() self.dyn_data_dict = dict() self.mb_data_dict = dict() # structure storage self.structure = None def initialise(self, data, restart=False): = data self.settings = data.settings[self.solver_id] # init settings settings_utils.to_custom_types(self.settings, self.settings_types, self.settings_default) # read input files (fem and dyn) self.read_files() def read_files(self): # open fem file # first, file names self.fem_file_name = + '/' + + '.fem.h5' if self.settings['unsteady']: self.dyn_file_name = + '/' + + '.dyn.h5' # then check that the files exists h5utils.check_file_exists(self.fem_file_name) if self.settings['unsteady']: try: h5utils.check_file_exists(self.dyn_file_name) except FileNotFoundError: self.settings['unsteady'] = False # read and store the hdf5 files with h5.File(self.fem_file_name, 'r') as fem_file_handle: # store files in dictionary self.fem_data_dict = h5utils.load_h5_in_dict(fem_file_handle) # TODO implement fem file validation # self.validate_fem_file() if self.settings['unsteady']: with h5.File(self.dyn_file_name, 'r') as dyn_file_handle: # store files in dictionary self.dyn_data_dict = h5utils.load_h5_in_dict(dyn_file_handle) # TODO implement dyn file validation # self.validate_dyn_file() # Multibody information self.mb_file_name = + '/' + + '.mb.h5' if os.path.isfile(self.mb_file_name): # h5utils.check_file_exists(self.mb_file_name) with h5.File(self.mb_file_name, 'r') as mb_file_handle: self.mb_data_dict = h5utils.load_h5_in_dict(mb_file_handle) # Need to redefine strings to remove the "b" at the beginning for iconstraint in range(self.mb_data_dict['num_constraints']): self.mb_data_dict["constraint_%02d" % iconstraint]['behaviour'] = self.mb_data_dict["constraint_%02d" % iconstraint]['behaviour'].decode() for ibody in range(self.mb_data_dict['num_bodies']): self.mb_data_dict["body_%02d" % ibody]['FoR_movement'] = self.mb_data_dict["body_%02d" % ibody]['FoR_movement'].decode() def validate_fem_file(self): raise NotImplementedError('validation of the fem file in beamloader is not yet implemented!') def validate_dyn_file(self): raise NotImplementedError('validation of the dyn file in beamloader is not yet implemented!') def run(self, **kwargs): = beam.Beam() = self.mb_data_dict, self.settings) = self.dyn_data_dict # Change the beam description to the local FoR for multibody # if ( > 1): # #[0].whole_structure_to_local_AFoR( return