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Welcome to SHARPy (Simulation of High Aspect Ratio aeroplanes in Python)!

SHARPy is an aeroelastic analysis package currently under development at the Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London. It can be used for the structural, aerodynamic, aeroelastic and flight dynamics analysis of flexible aircraft, flying wings and wind turbines.

This site contains the available documentation of the software. The documentation project is still work in process and, at the time of writing, only includes documentation for the Python modules of SHARPy, which encompass the aeroelastic solvers and interfaces to the structural and aerodynamic modules. The UVLM and structural modules are written in C++ and Fortran, respectively, and do not have detailed documentation yet.

The objective of this documentation package is to show the user how to run cases by defining the geometry, flow conditions and desired solution process.

Citing SHARPy

SHARPy is archived in Zenodo and has two unique DOIs that can be used depending on whether you’d like to cite a specific SHARPy version or all versions of SHARPy (i.e. this is the concept DOI).

Version DOI:

Concept DOI:

For more information on citing and Zenodo, read more.

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SHARPy is developed at the Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London. To get in touch, visit the Loads Control and Aeroelastics Lab website.