class sharpy.generators.polaraeroforces.EfficiencyCorrection[source]

The efficiency and constant terms are introduced by means of the array airfoil_efficiency in the aero.h5

\[\mathbf{f}_{struct}^B &=\]

arepsilon^f_0 mathbf{f}_{i,struct}^B + arepsilon^f_1

mathbf{m}_{struct}^B &=

arepsilon^m_0 mathbf{m}_{i,struct}^B + arepsilon^m_1

Notice that the moment correction is applied on top of the force correction. As a consequence, the aerodynamic moments generated by the forces on the vertices are corrected sequentially by both efficiencies.

See Also:

The SHARPy case files documentation for a detailed overview on how to include the airfoil efficiencies.


np.ndarray: corresponding aerodynamic force at the structural node from the force and moment at a grid vertex

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New corrected structural forces

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