Methods for the interpolation of DLTI ROMs

This is library for state-space models interpolation. These routines are intended for small size state-space models (ROMs), hence some methods may not be optimised to exploit sparsity structures. For generality purposes, all methods require in input interpolatory weights.

The module includes the methods:

  • transfer_function(): returns an interpolatory state-space model based on the transfer function method [1]. This method is general and is, effectively, a wrapper of the sharpy.linear.src.libss.join() method.

  • BT_transfer_function(): evolution of transfer function methods. The growth of the interpolated system size is avoided through balancing.


[1] Benner, P., Gugercin, S. & Willcox, K., 2015. A Survey of Projection-Based Model Reduction Methods for Parametric Dynamical Systems. SIAM Review, 57(4), pp.483–531.

Author: S. Maraniello

Date: Mar-Apr 2019