This function creates a simple plot with matplotlib of a timestep in SHARPy. Notice that this function is not efficient at all for large surfaces, it just aims to provide a simple way of generating simple quick plots.


data (sharpy.presharpy.presharpy.PreSharpy): Main data strucuture in SHARPy

tstep (int): Time step to plot

minus_mstar (int): number of wake panels to remove from the visualisation (for efficiency)

plotly(bool): calls in the plotly library, graph will not plot if set to false.

custom_scaling(bool): aspect ratio of the wing will be modelled realistically if set to true.

z_compression(int): if custom scaling is enabled, this decides how much the z axis is compressed.


Can be matplotlib.pyplot.plt (plotly=False) or plotly.graph_objects.Figure() (plotly=True)


Plot object