Provides change of quaternion, dquat, due to elementary rotation, dcrv, expressed as a 3 components Cartesian rotation vector such that

\[C(quat + dquat) = C(quat0)C(dw)\]

where C are rotation matrices.


Assume 3 FoRs, G, A and B where:
  • G is the initial FoR

  • quat0 defines te rotation required to obtain A from G, namely: Cga=quat2rotation(quat0)

  • dcrv is an inifinitesimal Cartesian rotation vector, defined in A components, which describes an infinitesimal rotation A -> B, namely:

    ..math :: Cab=crv2rotation(dcrv)

  • The total rotation G -> B is:

    Cga = Cga * Cab

  • As dcrv -> 0, Cga is equal to:

    \[algebra.quat2rotation(quat0 + dquat),\]

    where dquat is the output of this function.