Returns a projection matrix function between the desired frames of reference.


The projection matrix \(C^GA(\chi)\) expresses a vector in the body-attached reference frame A in the inertial frame G, which is a function of the quaternion.

cga_function = get_transformation_matrix('ga')
cga = cga_function(quat)  # The actual projection matrix between A and G for a known quaternion

If the projection involves the G and B frames, the output function will take both the quaternion and the CRV as arguments.

cgb_function = get_transformation_matrix('gb')
cgb = cgb_function(psi, quat)  # The actual projection matrix between B and G for a known CRV and quaternion
param transformation

Desired projection matrix function.

type transformation


Function to obtain the desired projection matrix. The function will either take the CRV, the

quaternion, or both as arguments.




If a rotation is desired, it can be achieved by transposing the resulting projection matrix.