Returns a projection matrix function between the desired frames of reference.


The projection matrix \(C^GA(\chi)\) expresses a vector in the body-attached reference frame A in the inertial frame G, which is a function of the quaternion.

cga_function = get_transformation_matrix('ga')
cga = cga_function(quat)  # The actual projection matrix between A and G for a known quaternion

If the projection involves the G and B frames, the output function will take both the quaternion and the CRV as arguments.

cgb_function = get_transformation_matrix('gb')
cgb = cgb_function(psi, quat)  # The actual projection matrix between B and G for a known CRV and quaternion
param transformation:

Desired projection matrix function.

type transformation:


Function to obtain the desired projection matrix. The function will either take the CRV, the

quaternion, or both as arguments.




If a rotation is desired, it can be achieved by transposing the resulting projection matrix.